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FIERCE program offers free, interactive clinic to young female athletes

Philadelphia Shriners Hospital helps young athletes stay on the field and avoid injury

FIERCE program offers free, interactive clinic to young female athletes

Shriners Hospitals for Children — Philadelphia is proud to offer a sports medicine clinic designed specifically for young female athletes. FIERCE (Female Initiative: Evaluation and Rehabilitation Care Excellence) is led by orthopaedic surgeon Corinna Franklin, M.D., and features a female-led team that focuses on keeping female athletes on the field and off the sidelines.

In partnership with FIERCE clinic, the FIERCE team also offers free, interactive programs for female athletes ages 12-18. Teams or groups of athletes can visit the hospital for an education day that includes demonstrations of sports risk testing, as well as discussions on reducing injury risks and maintaining proper nutrition. Parents, coaches and caregivers are welcome to attend and participate.

In addition to attending these programs at the hospital, teams and groups are encouraged to host a FIERCE program in their own settings, as our FIERCE team will travel within 35 miles of Philadelphia to conduct these special clinics.

Our team of specialized physicians, therapists, nurses and dietitians have worked with athletes from all sports, including dance and cheerleading, to help reduce the risk of injury and maintain healthy habits for growing athletes.


Our staff developed the FIERCE program to address a serious need in sports medicine.

"Female and male athletes have different risks for certain injuries," said Franklin. "This is due to a variety of factors, including anatomic, hormonal and physiologic differences."

Emerging research reveals that female athletes suffer from ACL injuries almost eight times more frequently than male athletes do. Most of these injuries occur without any contact from another player or object.

"We provide multidisciplinary care, including rehabilitation and nutrition, to young athletes to keep them strong and help them perform their best," said Franklin. "We also treat sports injuries when they occur to help get our athletes back on the field quickly and safely."

"Injuries can take weeks or months to recover from and that's precious time for any athlete," said Mark Bulson, director of rehabilitative services. "So we find that prevention is really key in keeping athletes on the field. Wouldn't you rather prevent an injury than recover from one?"

Want to schedule your FIERCE program? Call us at 215-430-4108 or email us.

Questions? Call us at 215-430-4108.