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Public Service Announcements

Help Shriners for Children Medical Center provide advanced medical care to children by sharing our public service announcements (PSAs) with your audiences, friends, and social networks. When you share the mission of Shriners for Children Medical Center, you help deliver expert care to children with orthopaedic conditions and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families' ability to pay. Most PSAs are available in English and Spanish.

Everyday Miracles

At Shriners for Children Medical Center, we know that changing how you see things can turn them into Everyday Miracles. This PSA features children who, with the help of Shriners Hospitals for Children, enjoy Everyday Miracles that others may take for granted, such as riding a bicycle, taking martial arts classes, baking a cake or simply being able to hug their mom.


Milagros a diario


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