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Multidisciplinary care helps patient address multiple conditions

Multidisciplinary care helps patient address multiple conditions

Described as "the life of the hospital" by a Shriners Hospitals for Children - Greenville staff member, Catlynn is no stranger to the Shriners Hospitals family. A patient since age 3, Catlynn was diagnosed with three conditions. These conditions are cerebral palsy, a permanent movement disorder acquired in utero or at birth; Erb's palsy, nerve damage causing paralysis of the arm; and bilateral brachial plexus, an injury limiting the spinal cord's ability to send signals to the shoulder, arm and hand. Addressing three conditions can be complex; however, numerous actions have been taken to provide Catlynn with the best possible plan for tackling everyday life head on.

Catlynn has undergone operations on both legs, hips, right arm and right leg. The intent of each operation is to provide Catlynn with a broader range of mobility. Most recently, under the care of Michael Mendelow, M.D., Catlynn underwent halo traction surgery to combat scoliosis she developed due to her other conditions. Halo traction is an upward pulling of the head and spine using a weighted pulley system to elongate and help straighten the spine. The halo treatment resulted in a stay at the hospital lasting nearly three months.

Three months may seem like a daunting stay at a hospital, but Catlynn's mom, Ericka, said she is "having the time of her life." Starting the day after her halo operation, Catlynn took dance lessons, learned new recipes from the kitchen staff, played Deal or NoDeal with the rehabilitation department staff, and even ran for president of the hospital! The spunky 11-year-old did not let anything stop her from enjoying her favorite activities. Outside of the walls of the Greenville Shriners Hospital, Catlynn enjoys cheerleading, dance and swimming, and looked forward to returning to her hobbies with more strength than before.

Ericka spoke highly of the specialized care her daughter received. "Treatment as a whole is magnificent," she said, further explaining that Catlynn now has "another family," thanks to the hospital staff.

The Greenville Shriners Hospital staff's goal for each child is to provide every patient with excellent care and position them in a place to live their lives to the best of their ability. Thanks to life-changing donations, children like Catlynn are given the treatment and tools to do just that!